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Posted by Mike on December 5, 2008


Born 1975, in New York, then when he was four-years-old, Alex Rodriguez and his family moved to the Dominican Republic for three years, before they eventually returned to the states, and moved to Miami, where A-Rod lived until he was drafted #1 overall by the Seattle Mariners in 1993. For most of his life, minus three-years, Rodriguez has lived in America, but when the 2009 World Baseball Classic is played next spring, A-Rod is going to play for the Dominican Republic team, according to Yahoo! Sports. This was a big dilemma when the first baseball classic was played, as you may remember A-Rod, didn’t know who to play for, the country he was born in: America, or his parents native country: Dominican Republic. The always P.R. conscience Rodriguez waited for the last minute and eventually played for team USA, now it appears he has had a change of heart. What caused the change ? Has anti-American Madonna gotten into his ear ? The change is just a bit peculiar. A-Rod is allowed to play for either team, but to flip-flop back and forth just makes him look like the arrogant jerk that he is. More from Yahoo!:

Alex Rodriguez, who nearly sat out the inaugural World Baseball Classic because he did not want to choose between playing for his native United States or the Dominican Republic, the country of his parents’ birth, is changing uniforms for the 2009 Classic.

The New York Yankees third baseman, who was on a star-studded U.S team that failed to advance to the semifinals of the first WBC, plans to play for the Dominican Republic this spring, according to Dominican slugger David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox.

Ortiz is hosting a charity golf tournament in the Dominican city of Punta Cana this weekend. He said Rodriguez, who is playing in the tournament, is expected to announce his decision at the function. Rodriguez and Ortiz are close friends.

“He wants to play for the Dominican team,” Ortiz said by telephone Thursday. “We’ll talk about it now after he gets here, and he’ll probably announce it here.”

Ortiz said he has not spoken recently with Rodriguez about his intentions, but that as far back as the All-Star Game last July in New York, he said A-Rod had expressed a desire to play for the Dominican Republic.


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Prank Calls To Yankees Show

Posted by Mike on December 3, 2008

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A-Rod And Madonna Looking For A Love Shack

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008


From Page Six:

MADONNA and Alex Rodriguez are quietly shopping for love nests on the Upper East Side and on the East End, sources told Page Six.

A knowledgeable real estate source tells us the kabbalah-crazed pop queen and the skirt-chasing power hitter are “discreetly looking at properties between Fifth and Park avenues, from just above 60th Street through the 80s.

“Madonna personally came to look at one house a couple of months ago, and Alex has been looking recently,” the insider said. “We’re talking about private, double-width mansions in the vicinity of $30 million to $60 million.”

Madge and A-Rod are also interested in scoring a house “with a garage that you can drive into for additional privacy – although those are rare and hard to come by,” our spy added. Another source said they were also looking in the Hamptons.

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Whatta Guy!

Posted by Mike on November 25, 2008


From Page Six:

ALEX Rodriguez has his priorities – and they are not his children.

The Yankee slugger, who ditched his wife of six years, Cynthia, after becoming besotted with Madonna, is a “soul-less” man who is “abandoning” his kids on Thanksgiving for his lover, according to what Cynthia is telling friends.

“Access Hollywood” reports that Cynthia, who’s in the final stages of her divorce from A-Rod, wrote an e-mail to a confidant noting: “My 6-foot-3, 220-pound soul-less, soon-to-be ex-husband is abandoning his kids on Thanksgiving to be with Madonna . . . She called and he ran on her command back to New York City . . . Gross!”

Instead of ushering in the holidays in Miami with his children, Natasha, 4, and Ella, 1 – A-Rod, 33, is hosting a dinner at his Manhattan apartment for Madonna, 50, and her kids, Lourdes, Rocco and David, and manager Guy Oseary.

An insider told Page Six, “Alex likes a woman with a strong hand. He likes to be told what to do. He’s a bit of a cipher.”

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Hal’s The Boss

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2008


With the declining health of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner over the past few years, George aka The Boss wanted to shift the power to his two sons, Hank and Hal. But, Major League Baseball notified the Yankees that there could be only one general partner, reports the NY Post. So with that, the Yankees yesterday made the younger of the two, Hal Steinbrenner the new boss of the New York Yankees. Hal is the not nearly as outspoken as older brother Hank is, and Hal’s primary focus with the team is going to be around the finances of the team. While older brother Hank, will help assist in baseball operations, and will hopefully continually be outspoken and say dumb things on a daily basis. The Yanks new boss won’t be in the limelight quite as much as his father was, those duties might still be left up to Hank, who seems very comfortable commenting on matters. The Steinbrenner tandem doesn’t have much history in baseball, Hank used to work in the Horsing industry, and Hal was involved in the families other businesses. Many people feel that putting the younger Steinbrenner in charge was the right move, he’s not nearly as hot-headed as his brother, and won’t shout off some idiotic comments that could damage the Yankees. It truly is the end of an era for Yankees fans, with the original Boss no longer controlling the most popular team in sports. More from NY Post:

So the Steinbrenner family put the issue to a vote, and Hank voted for his younger brother to officially follow their father, who stepped away from the table in the fall of 2007 due to faltering health.

That decision became official yesterday, with Hal taking over the reins from his now-frail father.

“Hank supported this move because Hal works with the finances,” a Yankee source said when asked if the shift meant Hank was being brushed aside or requested a lesser role. “He is fine with it.”

Since Hal, 40 next month, was more visible around the Yankees this year – meeting often with GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi – than was Hank, the mantle being passed to Hal makes sense.

According to team spokesman Howard Rubenstein, the 51-year-old Hank will remain in charge of baseball operations.

When asked in October about a reduced role, Hank refuted that and said, “Unless you hear it from me or my brother, it doesn’t mean anything.”

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A.J. Burnett

Posted by Mike on November 19, 2008


According to various media outlets, the Red Sox are going to be heavily involved in trying to acquire pitcher A.J. Burnett. The 32-year-old wants a deal in the five-year range around $15 Million per year. Burnett, has long been a favorite of Red Sox owner John Henry, but his nine times on the D.L. may in the end scare off the Sox. With the Red Sox and Yankees both bidding for the services of the right-hander its possible he could land a 5-year $80 Million dollar contact.

From NY Daily News:

According to an industry source, Boston plans to be a major player for A.J. Burnett, one of the pitchers the Yankees are targeting along with CC Sabathia to bolster their starting rotation. Derek Lowe, another arm coveted by the Bombers, is also on Boston’s radar.

The Red Sox are not planning to make an offer to Sabathia, who already has a six-year, $140million offer on the table from the Yankees. But Burnett, who turns 32 in January, will certainly receive serious attention from Boston, which has already engaged in discussions with the pitcher’s agent, Darek Braunecker, according to the source.

Even if it’s not $80 million, the Yankees will still make an offer at some point to Burnett, who reportedly has the Blue Jays’ four-year, $54 million deal on the table. Burnett opted out of the final two years and $24 million of his deal with Toronto, but Braunecker has said all along that the pitcher would be open to a return to the Blue Jays on a new pact.

The Blue Jays’ new offer has an annual average of $13.5 million per season, so the Yankees or Red Sox would likely have to trump that – perhaps in the $15 million range – to pry him away. Offering him a fifth guaranteed year might get a deal done, but that would be a risky move with a pitcher who has been on the disabled list nine times since 2000, making a four-year, $60 million offer more realistic.

Burnett had a solid season in 2008, going 18-10 with a 4.07ERA while pitching 221-1/3 innings for the Blue Jays. That the Yankees and Red Sox are both interested is hardly a surprise, especially when it is considered how well he pitched against both Boston (2-0, 2.60 ERA in four starts) and the Yankees (3-1, 1.64 in five starts).

From Ken Rosenthal:

In early September, a rival executive told me that the Red Sox were planning a major push for right-hander A.J. Burnett if he became a free agent.


The Red Sox indeed are interested in Burnett, according to major-league sources.

Burnett turns 32 on Jan. 3. The Yankees intend to offer him a four-year deal, according to one source, not the five-year, $80-million proposal that was reported as a possibility on Tuesday.

The Sox, in theory, could sign Burnett for a shorter term with a high average salary. But if Burnett wanted that type of deal, he probably could stay in Toronto.

Well, the Blue Jays have yet to even make Burnett an offer — sources on both sides say that reports of a four-year, $54 million proposal to the pitcher are inaccurate.

So, would the Red Sox go to four years on Burnett, given his well-documented history of injury and inconsistency?

Seems doubtful, but owner John Henry is a fan of Burnett’s, going back to their days together with the Marlins.

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Kate Hudson And A-Rod ?

Posted by Mike on November 18, 2008


From NY Daily News:

Alex Rodriguez from doing some serious flirting at the Miami opening of the Fontainebleau Hotel on Friday night . with none other than the much younger, even blonder Kate Hudson. Rodriguez paid his dues with Madge’s best girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow on Friday afternoon, having a quiet lunch with her bestie at the hotel’s Italian eatery Scarpetta.

“Hudson had her arms completely wrapped around A-Rod’s waist and every time he leaned over to talk to anyone she would pull him back toward her,” our South Beach spy snitched. “They were laughing and giggling all night.” Latin beauty Sofia Vergara tried to thwart Hudson’s flirtations, leaning over the table, her ample assets in A-Rod’s face, as she gushed about how much she loved the ball player. But Hudson was quick to whisper something in his ear that brought his attention right back to her.

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It’s Getting Worse For Roger

Posted by Mike on November 18, 2008


Just when Roger Clemens thought things couldn’t get any worse, they just did. The former galpal of the rocket, Mindy McCready for ten years has spoken to Inside Edition about her relationship with Clemens. From the San Diego-Tribune

Country singer Mindy McCready claims she broke off her relationship with Roger Clemens when the former baseball star wouldn’t marry her, according to an interview broadcast last night by the syndicated show “Inside Edition.”

McCready told “Inside Edition” she met Clemens when she was 16, not 15, as reported by the New York Daily News last April. She told the news magazine they met in a karaoke bar, that her relationship with the pitcher didn’t turn sexual until several years later and the relationship lasted for a decade.

“Carrying on a relationship with him is not something I’m proud of,” she said, according to a partial transcript released by the show. “Roger Clemens is one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever known. . . . He treated me like a princess.”

“We never had a meeting in secret. We went on vacations together. We went to Palm Springs. We went to Las Vegas, New York City,” McCready told “Inside Edition.”

“I wanted him to do right by me . . . and when he wouldn’t, I broke it off.”

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Yankees Preparing To Make Big Offer To Sabathia Tomorrow

Posted by Mike on November 13, 2008


With free-agency beginning at 12:01 AM tomorrow, the New York Yankees are preparing to make a huge offer to the top player on the market, reports Joel Sherman. The Yankees have set their sights on signing CC Sabathia no matter what the cost. There has been some talk it could be as much as 6-years at $180 Million. Sabathia won’t be the only pitcher the Yankees go after, they could look to sign A.J. Burnett, Derek Lowe, and Ben Sheets as well. They would like to come out with two pitchers, in their hopes of matching up with the Red Sox. And they also will be driving up the Manny Ramirez price tag, but they might rather sign Mark Teixeira instead.  With the Yanksopening a new stadium next season, and a lot more revenue coming in, there Yankees will be spending like Patrick Ewing at the Gold Club. More from the NY Post:

But as a friend of Sabathia’s said yesterday, “he is mature enough and realistic enough to know that the Yankees might not make it close. And if it is not close – no matter how much he likes the West Coast and likes hitting – he is not going to walk away from $25 million. This is not rocket science. It is about how much more the Yanks will spend than anybody else.”

One Yankee executive said, “we have to separate ourselves.” Translation: They must divest Sabathia of his dreams of the Pacific and the batter’s box by going to a financial region relatively quickly that no other franchise would even consider, especially in this plummeting economy.

That means a bid north of the six years at $137.5 million the Mets bestowed last year on Johan Santana. My gut says six years at $150 million sounds about right to force league-wide surrender before the bidding really even gets started.

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Is Jason Giambi Back On The Juice ?

Posted by Mike on November 7, 2008


Look at the size of the Giambino’s arms. He hasn’t been this big since he cost the Red Sox a chance at the World Series in 2003. Giambi is now officially a free-agent, and most people feel that he is probably headed back to Oakland. He certainly doesn’t need to break the bank since the Yankees paid him $120 Million over seven years. But, with this new ripped physique it looks like Giambi wants to cash in one more time. One other question: what the hell does Bill Goldberg do now ? He’s like the David Caruso of professional wrestling.

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