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Guess Who This Is ?

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2008

Click here for the answer


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Would You Trade Coco Crisp For This Pitcher ?

Posted by Mike on October 31, 2008

Even though he may of had a disappointing end of the season, the Red Sox still consider Jacoby Ellsbury to be their center-fielder. That means maybe finally, the Sox will trade Coco Crisp. Crisp had an excellent year batting .283 with 7 HR’s 41 RBI’s 20 SB’s and terrific defense. Most say he outperformed Ellsbury. But, it’s time for the Red Sox to allow Ellsbury to play everyday no matter what the outcome, and then would entail shipping Coco out of town. Something he wanted before the start of the season. What’s bring us to the matter: What do you want for Coco ? The Red Sox are pretty much set everywhere except for catcher, but Coco isn’t going to land you the catcher of the future you were hoping. You might be able to package him in a deal to Texas for one of their young catchers. Would you spin Coco to an American League team whose pitcher claimed he did not want to be trade, but the team wants to get younger and athletic in the outfield, and this pitcher maybe used as bait to lure some like Coco Crisp. The pitcher was 12-16 this year with a 4.57 ERA, but he did have 200K’s and pitched over 200 innings for the fourth consecutive year. In 2007 though, he was 15-8 with a 4.74 ERA and 213 K’s. This pitcher is historically always somewhere in the fours with his ERA, but he’s a quality innings eater, that would be a fantastic number four or five. He could be insurance if the Sox actually moved Clay Buchholz. The Red Sox did have interest in this player years ago, so it could be a possibility. Also, the manager of the other club “has liked Crisp since the pest’s days with the Cleveland Indians“. This the final year of Coco’s contract. So, would you trade Coco Crisp for this pitcher ?

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Would You Trade For This Catcher ?

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2008

With Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek a free agent and possibly wanting a 3-year $8 Million dollar a season contract, the Red Sox maybe looking elsewhere for a catcher. There has been a report that the Sox maybe closing to re-signing Varitek to a 2-year $16 Million dollar contract, but that may still be a bit too much to spend on a catcher who hit .220 last season. Now, according to reports from the NY Post and CNNSI, a young catcher maybe available in the trade market. He will certainly cost you a few good prospects, maybe a Michael Bowden and Josh Reddick. Those are two of the Red Sox elite prospects, but this catcher is 25-years-old, won a gold glove in 2007, and this year batted .280, with 13 HR’s 69RBI’s .380 OBP and had 18 SB. Pretty good numbers, but it’s actually a down year for him. People in this catcher’s organization may now feel he is “just another catcher”. With the Red Sox lack of depth in the organization for a catcher, and the amount of money Varitek wants, would you trade two top prospects for this catcher ? In this catcher’s 3-year career he is averaging 16 HR’s 84 RBI’s 19 SB’s and a .285 Batting Average. His numbers are similar at the age of 25 to Mike Sweeney and Barry Larkin. Compare that with Varitek over the last 3 season who hasn’t hit above .255, hit more than 17 HR’s and had more then 68 RBI’s. Not to mention you’ll be saving money by not re-signing Varitek and acquiring this young catcher, but maybe this young catcher numbers are starting to fade very early in his career.  So would you ?

Click here to see who the young catcher is

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Would You Pay $20 Million Plus A Season For This Player?

Posted by Mike on October 23, 2008

This player averages hitting .290 a season with 36 HR’s an 121 RBI’s with an average OBP of .348 in five seasons. The players who share similar stats to this player are: Carlos Delgado, Kent Hrbek, Fred McGriff, and Jim Thome. Only once in this players career did he hit under 30 HR’s and under 100 RBI’s. He consistently plays over 140 games a season and has been a gold glove first basemen. Though, it’s come into question if this player is really worth the big money salary he will command. People in baseball feel that he maybe more of an excellent complimentary player then a star player. He’s not a Manny Ramirez or an Albert Pujols like his numbers may compare too. The question is would you be willing to pay upwards of $20 Million Dollars a season for this player.

Click Here to see who the player is

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Guess Who ?

Posted by Mike on October 16, 2008

We have taken out the name of the player who ESPN’s  Scoop Jackson is talking about, and replaced it with “he and his” and see if you can guess who it is?

“He” has elevated himself during these playoffs as the face and future of “urban” baseball. A face that has been slowly disappearing in the game…In “His” case, he has unknowingly become the one player that Torii Hunter and Joe Morgan have been looking to who can bring the game back to the hood in a way no other young black player in the game has been able to do. He has put on display…the look of the game that resonates with those “young’ns” who have decided that basketball and football provide a brighter future…his style, his slight build, his mannerisms, his persona, his presence, his swag.

So hood.

Guesses ???? Kevin Youkilis. Nope. Manny Ramirez. Nope. The player that Scoop Jackson is talking about is B.J. Upton. The new face of urban baseball hit .273 with 9 HR’s 67 RBI’s and 44 stolen bases. Not bad, but not exactly the face you’re looking for. Upton has had a very good postseason with 5 HR’s in leading the Tampa Bay Rays to the ALCS, but he’s not exactly ready to be the face for urban baseball. How about Carl Crawford, Ryan Howard, Josh Hamilton, or even Curtis Granderson. Those four have produced tremendously so far in their young careers, they should be the face, not Upton. With just two series under his belt, it’s a bit premature to crown Upton as the face of urban baseball.

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