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Prank Calls To Yankees Show

Posted by Mike on December 3, 2008


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I’m Not Sure Who Is More Disturbing

Posted by Mike on November 18, 2008

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Almost As Bad As Eagles Fans: Giants Fans

Posted by Mike on November 6, 2008

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Prank Phone Calls Are Always The Best

Posted by Mike on October 30, 2008

Trust me, it’s worth a listen.

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This Might Get You Excited

Posted by Mike on September 16, 2008

This is Sal and Richard from the Howard Stern Show. The man-love happens at the 43 second mark.

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You Wanna Take Her Virginity ?

Posted by Mike on September 9, 2008

This 22-year-old goes by the name of “Natalie Dylan” and she claims to be a virgin and she went on the Howard Stern Show to say that she will be at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and they will be auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder. This reeks of a scam, but that won’t stop me from gathering a collection so we can say that Sons of Bill Simmons took her virginity. That’s Marketing 101. It won’t last long and trust me she won’t want to remember it, oh and I’m Irish so it won’t be painful either. I’m not sure if I can believe that in today’s society a broad with decent looks can be a virgin. It’s next to impossible, like Tom Brady gettting hurt…oh wait. Well anyways I hope to be judge to see if she is loose as a goose, or as tight as an 11-year-old. Something tells me this isn’t her first rodeo, and I may require a few STD tests after this event. You think anal is out of the question ? More for Rush & Molloy:

“I don’t have a moral dilemma with it,” says the pretty brunette, who’s using the pseudonym of Natalie Dylan “for safety reasons.”

“We live in a capitalist society,” she tells us. “Why shouldn’t I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity?”

Dylan was introduced to Stern by Dennis Hof, proprietor of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Nevada’s famed legal brothel (seen on HBO’s hit series “Cathouse.”)

Hof says the auction will be conducted online via, and that the deal will be consummated at the Bunny Ranch, where Dylan’s sister already works. “I think it’s a tremendous idea,” he says. “Why lose it to some guy in the backseat of a Toyota when you can pay for your education?”

Meanwhile, her mother, a “conservative” fourth-grade teacher, doesn’t approve of what she’s doing, “but she supports me.”

More worrisome is the potential media storm. “I understand some people may condemn me,” Dylan says. “But I think this is empowering. I’m using what I have to better myself.”

Dylan told us she got the auction idea after reading about a Peruvian woman who needed to pay for her mother’s medical bills. A Canadian man made a whopping $1.5 million bid, but the woman reportedly decided not to go through with the sex.

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Artie Lange Is Definitely Not A Mets Fan

Posted by Mike on September 5, 2008

The Howard Stern sidekick, and professed lover of the New York Yankees, has no love for the Yankees crosstown rival Mets. While in the past, Lange has referred to the Mets as “gay” or “a bunch of fags”, but his best ever line describing the first place team in the NL East came yesterday:

“You know there used to be a magazine called Assholes & Pussies? All it showed was close-ups of assholes and pussies.”

“Well… it was about the Mets.”

Thanks to The Fightins

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Songs Not On Any Top 20 List

Posted by Mike on August 20, 2008

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Artie Lange Off To Rehab

Posted by Mike on August 6, 2008

They tried to tell him to go to rehab in the past, but Artie Lange said No! No! No! Howard Stern funny man, Artie Lange, has checked himself into rehab once again according to the NY Post, cancelling all of his upcoming shows. This isn’t the first time Lange has been in rehab, he has had his fair share of problems with:coke, heroin, drinking, and gambling. That’s like a Saturday night for Andy Dick. Lange has been battling weight problems over the past year. There has been no word on his reason for checking himself into rehab.

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The Return of the Iron Sheik

Posted by Mike on August 13, 2007

Any ideas for a caption on this pic Listen to this you will die laughing It’s worth listening to the whole thing.

-Also please listen to this . It’s funny, but also wrong.

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