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Daily Dump: Slant Eyed Spaniards

Posted by Mike on August 15, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

What does that picture remind you of? It looks very similar to the Spanish men’s Basketball team photo.  This is a picture of the Spanish Olympic Tennis team, just like the basketball team they really now how to win over a crowd.  It’s one thing for one team sport to take a picture with slant eyes, but two teams.  I have no idea what they are trying to do but pissing off 3 billion people is not a good idea.  It is not like Spain is a world sport power house, the only major tournament they won was the Euro Cup this year in soccer, and that took them 40 years.   This act is from a country that tries to out run 2,000 lb bulls in the middle of the street so they don’t get impailed with horns.  I guess they kinda are retarded… Any way if I was in charge of giving them a punishment, I would have them sit with Bill Plaschke and do what he does best and that is EAT COCK.  They should stuff every kind of animal cock that China cooks and force feed them until the end of the Olympic GamesChina is crazy than can do that type of shit and not care, they do it to there own kind.  The Spanish Basketball team would probably like the cock too much anyway cause they are abunch of H-mo’s.  LETS GO USA!!!!!

Hows the BUSH?!!!!!!!!!!!



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Daily Dump: Erin Andrews

Posted by Mike on August 4, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

She is the best person ESPN has hired to do sideline reporting. Who would you rather have, Andrea Kramer or Erin Andrews? Exactly.  There have been reports that she was touchy feely with some Cubs players and she wore a dress that showed too much leg.  Holy shit, she showed too much leg and writers are saying its unprofessional.  I say shut the F up, It’s not the 1950’s guys, what, you want someone that good looking to wear knee high stockings. I see nothing wrong with what she was wearing.  She is too good looking to wear a pant suit, so sorry to the people who think that is unprofessional.  I think it is unprofessional for meatheads to talk about how someone should dress in a weekly column instead of doing their sports column.  Erin, if you read this keep doing what you do, dress how you dress and forget about those old decrepit idiots.

Enjoy the clams cocksuckas!!!!


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Daily Dump: Red Sox

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

What the hell has happened to the most popular franchise in Boston sports.   This team has looked like absolute shit lately, they get swept twice by the Angels and lose 2 out of 3to the yanks.  They are 4 games below .500 after the break.  The only team they manhandled was the worst team in the AL in the Mariners.  If you think this Manny distraction is not the reason you are just as stupid as the people on ESPN thinking its not.  Ever since he opened his mouth and about his contract, and sitting out of key games the Sox have looked like shit.  Give credit to the good pitching we faced but having 4 errors last night 3 in one inning, there heads are not in the game right now.  Manny is a great hitter that wont be replaced but his attitude, and his demeanour on and of the field is killing this team.  The players are getting sick of him the front office is sick of him and not to mention Peter Gammons is sick of him.  Just like Nomar he is tearing apart this team, if he stays there is no question in my mind he will mail it in.  The front office has to get rid of him first to right this sinking ship.  Although a deal is not a lock but i believe a deal for getting rid of Manny will be addition by subtraction.  Also screw the Pirates in this 3 way, the only reason they are asking for more prospects from the Sox they know they got had from the Yanks in the deal for Nady and Marte.  If the Pirates keep pressing for more prospects just deal Manny to the Marlins and keep Hermida

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


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Daily Dump: The Olympics

Posted by Mike on July 29, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

The Olympics are in China this summer and leave to the Chinese to come up with a gender test.  Yes, the Chinese have devised a gender test to determine if a she is a she and not a he.  There plan is to find women that look more like men and do a battery of tests to make sure they are women.  What are they gonna do have agents grope them to make sure they don’t have any twig and berries.  Half these chicks have so many chemicals in there system that there clit is so enlarged its bigger than Cronielius’ prick (no homo).  This has to be one of the craziest things i have ever heard of, not only are they gonna check the heyninanu they are also doing blood tests and some other shit.  The messed up thing is it works too, in the trials some player on the India long distance team actually failed the gender test and is out of the Olympics, in this case she was a he.

like Ms. Swan says, you looka lika man!!!


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Daily Dump: Yankees Suck

Posted by Mike on July 25, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

This has to be the worst chant in baseball. The Yankees Sucks chant was good in 2003 and in the 2004 seasons.  That was when the rivalry was strong and the players hated each other, now the chant itself sucks.  Its getting to a point when it is almost embarrassing. You watch road games and you can hear the Sox fans chanting it when the Yankees are losing. News flash the Yankees don’t suck, they’ve made the playoffs 13 years in a row.  Don’t get me wrong I hate the Yankees with a passion, but there comes a point when enough is enough. You have to respect a team that makes a run like that but do not have to like them. The chant has to come to an end its stupid and it takes away from the game.  The Fans should get into the pitchers head and start chanting there name like we did to Roger Clemens and chased after 3 innings in the playoffs in 2003. Fat Joba is starting tonight, so get in his head and chant JOBA  until he lets up 5 runs in an inning tonight.  He hasn’t started in Fenway before so give him a warm welcome and mess with his head. The main thing is, stop the Yankees Sucks Chant because it holds no meaning anymore. 

Gay Rod left his lip gloss at Madonna’s apartment!!!


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Daily Dump: Caleb Campbell

Posted by Mike on July 24, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

The story of the draft this year was not who was going first but if Caleb Campbell of Army would be drafted.  We all know the story, the Army implemented a rule that if one of there athletes were drafted and made a team for at last 2 years they would not have to perform active duty. He got drafted in the 7th round by the Lions, the Army let him get drafted, participate in workouts and go to mini camp, then they pulled the wool over his eyes. The rule didn’t last long, his NFL career didn’t really have a chance. All the other bodies of the armed forces had problems with Army’s rule so that is why they went back to what it was before. You have to have 2 years of active duty before you can file for release. Caleb said he has no problem with it and he is a soldier first and he is prepared to do his duty. Poor kid, he had a shot of being a NFL player and now he has a shot of well, being shot. It is what it is and good luck to the kid.

I didn’t know they stacked shit that high!!!


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Daily Dump: The WNBA Fight

Posted by Mike on July 23, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

This fight was the best thing to happen to the WNBA, who doesn’t like seeing a cat-fight.  This fight was better than most NBA fights except for the last brawl at Auburn Hills when Detroit and Indiana rumbled.  Any way i am not dumping on the fight i am dumping on some ESPN people (Sage Steele) saying Rick Mahorn pushed Lisa Leslie.  There is no way he pushed her if he did she would have gone into the stands, he is huge.  Its just another ESPN person making a big deal over nothing, like the NFL live idiots on the Spy Gate issue namely Mark Schlereth.  Mahorn was trying to get her away from the fight when she flopped like Manu Ginobili.  He tried to help her up when some crazy teammate started slapping Mahorn in the back… If you have to feel sorry for someone feel sorry for him, he is being labeled a woman beater when he was the one who got hit… All i am saying  is ESPN has to stop making trouble.  You’ve seen the video, there is no way he pushed her,  if you haven’t watched it, it is pretty funny, plus the commentary on the brawl was comical as well.

chickita china the Chinese chicken, you deliva?


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Daily Dump: Tim “The Saint” Tebow

Posted by Mike on July 22, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

What’s up with this kid ?  He declined to be on the Playboy All-American, because he’s one of those religious nut jobs. I suppose its against his moral standards, or some shit to that affect; but come on guy.  I don’t know any 20 something year old kid in college that is straight and wouldn’t want to be apart of anything that Playboy does.  I am not saying he is gay or anything, but it is Playboy and they do have the hottest chicks, If your not into hot chicks i feel sorry for you.  It was not like he is going to be partying at the mansion for being on the team, they just have a banquet for all the players in Phoenix.  He is one of those people that are so nice and moral that one day he is gonna be in the middle of some snuff porn ring or something crazy like that.  No kid should say no to Playboy  so for that, this dump is for you Tebow.

Quid pro Quo yes or no, your turn!!


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Daily Dump: Big Sunglasses

Posted by Mike on July 17, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

What is the deal with male athletes wearing big designer sunglasses?  Maybe they are the only kind that fit their abnormally large heads, they could just cut back from the HGH and find a normal pair.  Only chicks should wear big sunglasses, most of them are 10-2’s, 10 body, 2 face… The 10-2 wear them cause they cover up half there face so all you are looking at is the body.   The male athletes have no reason to wear them unless they are in the closet and are dropping hints that they are gay.  On ESPN they showed Shawn Merriman of the SD Chargers and he was wearing these sunglasses that would make a normal person look like a MR. Potato Head with them on.  He has a large alien type head too, its like 3 bowling balls.  I hear HGH makes your head grow, see Barry Bonds.  With all that said guys leave the giant sunglasses for the Chicks.

butter face! Every thing is good but her face,


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We Got Ourselves A Winner Here

Posted by Mike on July 17, 2008

For those of you who don’t know, this is our Daily Dump columnist Zippanut.

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