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Top 8 BCS Teams In Order: See Who Would Be Favored

Posted by Mike on December 5, 2008


From RJ Bell at

Las Vegas, Nevada (December 5, 2008) – Heading into the last week of the regular season, there’s tons of watercolor conversation about college football. People are especially curious about the opinion of Las Vegas, since sportsbooks back their opinions with big money.

RJ Bell of has polled numerous Las Vegas and offshore sports betting professionals. Listed below are the top 8 BCS teams, ranked from a betting perspective. The number beside each is the estimated number of points that team would be underdogs to Florida (the most highly regarded team) on a neutral field.

Florida . . . (BSC #4)
Oklahoma +1 . . . (BCS #2)
USC +5 . . . (BCS #5)
Texas +6 . . . (BCS #3)
Alabama +8 . . . (BCS #1)
Penn St +11 . . . (BCS #8)
Texas Tech +11 . . . (BCS #7)
Utah +17 . . . (BCS #6)

For example, Florida would be approximately a 1 point favorite over Oklahoma, and a 17 point favorite over Utah. You can compare any two teams with these rankings: the team with the higher number would be the underdog by the difference between its number and its opponent’s number. For example, Oklahoma would be -4 over USC, and Penn St and Texas Tech would be “even” (also called “pick’em”). Texas Tech would be -6 over Utah.

A little known fact is that Las Vegas is no longer the center of the sports betting world. Many of the sharpest professionals bet offshore. Las Vegas oddsmakers follow this action closely, but for political reasons they are often uncomfortable disclosing this fact. takes into account experts worldwide, providing the clearest estimate of the true sports betting market.

Lastly, keep in mind that these rankings are unable to account for the nuances of individual team match-ups. Such nuances can affect a point spread, but rarely by more than 1-point.


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Beware Of Trojans Around Your Girlfriend

Posted by Mike on December 4, 2008


So, not only will the USC Trojans disobey NCAA restrictions by wearing their home red jerseys this Saturday when they take on UCLA, but they will also steal your girlfriend. Or so, Lendale White says. On a radio interview when White was questioned what he would do if his son went to UCLA, instead of his alma mater USC, White said:

“I probably would ground him until he realized that that’s the worst grief you would ever imagine. You know, powder blue. I guess enough said. Their powder blue uniforms and that ugly mustard color.

“UCLA [stinks]. It’s the worst school you could ever go to if you were a football player. … You got to make your choice. If you want to get dominated by your crosstown rival, where they can come on your campus and take your girlfriends and stuff, then you make that decision.”

USC, where amazing happens

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Arizona Vs. Arizona State; Who Ya Got ?

Posted by Mike on December 3, 2008

Thanks to Busted Coverage

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Soon To Be The #1 Most Downloaded Wife In SEC: Layla Kiffin

Posted by Mike on December 3, 2008


Thanks to Deadspin

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Casualties Of The Florida/Florida State Game: The Tuba Players

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008

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Pete Carroll Wants To Commit Fashion Nightmare

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008


Los Angeles must be the fashion capital of America, because the Pete Carroll led USC Trojans are willing to give up two timeouts just to wear their home red jersey’s when they take on crosstown rival UCLA this Saturday, reports ESPN. Carroll said that USC would wear their home red jersey’s anyways on Saturday which violates NCAA rules and fashion laws across the country, because who wants to see a cardinal red jersey team take on a team who wears powder blue. That would be an HD nightmare. A larger part of this story is the disrespect that Carroll and USC are showing the UCLA Bruins. It’s a home game for UCLA, so USC should wear their white uniforms, and the giving up of two timeouts is a clear shot at how bad of a team that UCLA has become. Something that could give UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel and former USC and current UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow that extra bit of motivation that their team may need. But, in the end it doesn’t make a difference what USC wears, they could play topless, or they could stay out all night long, get bombed, bang fat chicks, get Lyme disease (which is a typical night as USC anyways, only you can substitute the fat chicks for really hot chicks, and lyme disease for herpes), and they still would roll UCLA. More from ESPN:

USC coach Pete Carroll says the NCAA can have two of his timeouts from Saturday’s crosstown rivalry game with UCLA. He just wants his players to wear their home colors.

Carroll said on Monday that the Trojans would wear their cardinal red home jerseys on Saturday at the Rose Bowl. That violates an NCAA rule that requires visiting teams to wear white, and the infraction will cost him two timeouts, one per half.

The last time the Trojans and the Bruins both wore home jerseys — the Trojans in red, the Bruins in blue and gold — was in 1982, when the schools shared the Los Angeles Coliseum.

“I just thought it was a really cool tradition,” Carroll said.

As for losing timeouts? “I don’t care about it right now,” Carroll said. “I think it’s the fun thing to do, and I think the fans will appreciate it over time.”

Carroll said the decision to wear home jerseys is not meant as a sign of disrespect to UCLA, adding that he discussed restoring the tradition with former UCLA coach Karl Dorrell and with current coach Rick Neuheisel.

“It’s exciting,” Neuheisel said. “I think wearing the home jerseys is a great tradition.”

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Could Jim Mora Spur The Seahawks For The Huskies ?

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008


According to The News Tribune, rumors are swirling that Jim Mora Jr. the next head coach of the Seattle Seahawks may turn down that offer and become the head coach at the University of Washington. That would be going from dating Nikki Cox to Nikki Blonsky. When he was the head coach with the Atlanta Falcons there were also rumors that Mora could bolt for that job. Mora has been it abundantly that someday he would love to be the coach of the Washington Huskies, but is that time now ? He could possibly command a higher salary coaching at the University of Washington, that with the Seahawks, because he does have some bargaining position. And, the Seahawks are years away from being good again. There are rumors that they may cut Matt Hasselbeck at year’s end. More from The News Tribune:

I don’t know if this is like the game of telephone, where something is passed on from one person to the next, the context of the message gets changed and the misinformation picks up steam; or whether there is legitimacy to any of it, but the Jim Mora-to-Washington rumors simply will not die.

I was just taking a look at Bob Condotta’s blog over at the Times, and he posted an item that says Mora’s Wikipedia entry was briefly updated — then changed — saying Mora would be announced as UW’s coach on Dec. 3. It is an eight-year deal, the item said, before being taken off the site. Here is a link to Bob’s post.

I myself have gotten a flurry of emails informing me that Mora would be announced in the next 24 hours; that Paul Allen and Scott Woodward have sat down to discuss the issue; that Mora is definitely going to be the Huskies’ next coach and it will be announced any moment. There has been no indication from Renton that anything has changed from Mora’s initial — and only — statement on the topic, saying he is not a candidate for the position. Yet the rumors will continue in earnest until UW hires a head coach — whether that is Mora or somebody else.

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I Think We Have Found Zippa!

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008

Thanks to Busted Coverage

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Sooners Favorites Over Longhorns If They Played Again

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008



Las Vegas, Nevada (December 1, 2008) – Oklahoma has prevailed over Texas to advance to the Big 12 Championship game. The BCS standings were the deciding factor in this controversial decision.

According to RJ Bell of, Las Vegas agrees: Played on a neutral field today, the Oklahoma Sooners would be approximately a 6-point favorite over the Texas Longhorns.

Oklahoma was a 7-point favorite when they lost to Texas earlier this season on a neutral field.


RJ Bell of said: “Vegas deals in facts, and the betting professionals believe that Oklahoma is clearly the superior team.”


Florida would be favored against any team in the country on a neutral field, and Alabama would be clear underdogs against both Oklahoma and Texas on a neutral field, according to RJ Bell of

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Urban Meyer To Notre Dame ?

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008


Per Chicago Tribune:

As a Stanford Law School-educated jurist, Jack Swarbrick must be finely attuned to fine print, so Notre Dame’s athletic director already may be aware of the following: According to his contract with the University of Florida, Urban Meyer may discuss jobs with other entities only during a period starting with the “final day of the regular football season” and ending seven days after a bowl game.

It’s a window that presumably opens after Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship game and stays that way for 40 days (a week past the BCS title game on Jan 8th ) should Florida beat Alabama to win the SEC title. Swarbrick’s season-evaluation meeting with Irish coach Charlie Weis apparently is set for next Monday

A Tribune review of Meyer’s deal does not reveal some mystery out clause for Notre Dame. At least not in black and white.

Indeed, after that dismal showing at USC, Sunday was a day of unrest. But no news emanated from South Bend, and school officials didn’t indicate any was to come.

If change does come, though, “when” is not the central issue. It’s whether any potential replacements outstrip Weis, and whether those candidates want to come to South Bend.

More than likely Meyer has no interest in Notre Dame, he will just use them to get more money out of the the University of Florida. It’s how college coaches negotiate.

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