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Move Over Red Sox, We Got Some New Pink Jersey’s In Town

Posted by Mike on December 5, 2008


It’s called Bruins. That’s how it suppose to go right ? Well, with the Bruins (17-4-4) off to a white-hot start the inevitable pink jersey’s and hat sales  come with it. The problem is the Bruins don’t exactly know their fan base too well. The Bruins have plenty of fans who pee sitting down. The problem is, that these North Shore chicks, yeah that’s what they are, they want to wear the authentic Marc Savard jersey’s, or some throwback Don Sweeney, or Craig Janney jersey. Not a pink one. These aren’t Red Sox fans. Bruins fans are about as die-hard as they come and they need to be. They have had very little too cheer about in the last 15 years. These aren’t your fake female Red Sox fans, who begam watching the Sox in the fall of 2004. They won’t be buying any pink jersey’s. I mean, have you seen them ? They look like John Goodman with long hair.


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