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Anyone Want To Spend Some Quality Time With Boy George ?

Posted by Mike on December 5, 2008


Famed British pop singer, Boy George, has just been found guilty on charges of beating his male escort and chaining him to a wall, reports TMZ. There are many things that I don’t want to happen to me in life, like going to a 98 degrees reunion concert, anal warts, becoming a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and being chained to a wall, naked, with Boy George has to rank right up there at the top of the list. I’d be more likely to take a bullet then to go into an enclosed area with George. Once the words, karma karma karma karma cameleon were uttered, I’d head for the the hills like Costanza when a fire breaks out. More from TMZ:

After two crazy weeks, Boy George was just found guilty of chaining a male escort to a wall — nekkid — and beating him.

Now, George could face jail time for the hand-cuffing and attacking of a 29-year-old man-whore in the singer’s London home last year.

George tried to explain himself using several incredible defenses — including the “I’m too fat and out of shape to beat up someone” excuse. Nothing flew with the judge though, and now he’s totally screwed.


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