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Wanna Buy Youk’s Undies ?

Posted by Mike on December 4, 2008


What better gift could there be under your Christmas tree this season than a pair of Kevin Youkilis’s underwear ? I know what your saying, where could I possibly get such a great gift ? Well, according to the Inside Track, Phil Castinetti of SportsWorld is auctioning off not only, Youk’s dirty draws, but also A-Rod and Josh Beckett as well. The better question is, where did Castinetti get these draws, and who will buy’em? More from the Inside Track:

Phil Castinetti of SportsWorld in Saugus has gotten his mitts on some All-Star undies – A-Rod’s, Kevin Youkilis and Josh Beckett’s – and he’s selling them on eBay starting today.

So, Phil, are the Major League unmentionables actually game-used?

“Oh, they’re used,” he said.


BTW, A-Rod’s UnderArmor is size XL. But since he’s dating Madonna you already knew that.

The bidding starts at $9.99 and you can see all the boys’ BVDs on eBay starting today – just plug SportsWorld1986 into the search engine.

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