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Ray Allen Helps Keep Friend Safe In India

Posted by Mike on December 4, 2008


Boston Celtics shooting guard, Ray Allen, has always been referred to as a consummate professional. But what Allen did on Wednesday, November 26th, was help keep long-time friend Daryl Jones safe while Jones was staying in the Oberoi Trident Hotel when it was attacked last week, reports When Allen first heard of the attacks from his wife, he called Jones and told him exactly what was going on, and do not, under any circumstances even if Amrita Arora is knocking on the door, don’t open it up!  With the help of Allen, Jones was able to safely come back across the pond. More from

Allen’s longtime friend Daryl Jones was in the Oberoi Trident Hotel when it was attacked with grenades and assault rifles in a rampage beginning Nov. 26. The Northwest Airlines flight attendant had gone to the front desk to get a new room key when he heard shooting in the lobby. Allen said Jones immediately headed to the 21st floor, where another hotel guest allowed him to hide in his room for two days.

Allen learned of the attack during a phone call from his wife, Shannon, after a win over Golden State that night. Upon arriving home, Allen gave a whispering Jones an updated television news report for about 20 minutes. Worried that Jones could be targeted because he was an American, Allen also told his friend that if a terrorist asked for his passport to say he didn’t have it and that he was Jamaican.

“When I called him, I was telling him everything I heard on TV,” Allen said yesterday. “[Jones learned] about the hotel being on fire and I told him that there was police outside. I told him, ‘This is what is happening. From what they are saying, there are still terrorists running around shooting people and throwing grenades. You need to hide and don’t open the door if someone knocks on it.’

“We talked for about 20 minutes and I told him, ‘We’ll be [by the phone] if you need to call back. If you call back, we’ll be up waiting, and if you [don’t call], just leave us a message letting us know you’re all right.’ “


One Response to “Ray Allen Helps Keep Friend Safe In India”

  1. sandysays1 said

    Good to hear the good side of a pro athlete for a change.

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