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Countdown To When Stephon Marbury Goes Broke: 1,029 Days

Posted by Mike on December 4, 2008


Stephon Marbury maybe a very wealthy man, who has made over $130 Million dollars in his NBA career, but with the way that he is spending, he won’t be wealthy for too much longer. According to Page Six, Marbury is going to go ahead and purchase the $40 Million dollar private jet that he was considering in August. Which probably isn’t one of the best investments for someone, who isn’t worth at least $300 Million dollars, and probably doesn’t have too much to do. I mean, that Starbury line has really taken off. With his NBA career coming to an end, and costs for maintaining private jets not cheap, it’s inevitable that we will someday read a story about how Stephon Marbury has declared for bankruptcy, or has found a new love; tattoo removal. More from Page Six:

STEPHON Marbury, the unwanted Knicks guard, is going ahead with buying a $40 million private jet, as Page Six first reported back in August. Although Marbury has yet to play this season, and the Knicks brass can’t find any other team willing to take on his $21 million salary, the untradeable Coney Island native is awaiting delivery of the aircraft, according to the buzz at SoHo’s Salt restaurant. “He already paid a large deposit in the multimillions and has no plans to try to cancel the order,” said one source. Since the top NBA teams have their own jets, and the less-flush teams travel by charter, it’s a mystery why Marbury would buy his own plane – unless he expects his future teammates to dislike him as much as the Knick players do and he feels the need to travel solo.


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