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Barry Melrose Is Back!

Posted by Mike on December 4, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, your prayers have be answered. According to the Dallas Morning News, ESPN is bring back Barry Melrose, who had previously worked for the network for 12 years. Melrose decided to leave ESPN this summer to take the head coaching gig with the Tampa Bay Lighting, but his stay only lasted 16 games, as the Lighting went 5-7-4 in the quick Melrose era. Still longer than Britney Spears marriage to Costanza, I mean, the other Jason Alexander. The Lighting’s loss, was ESPN’s gain, as they now bring back perhaps their best analyst. Who also happens to have one great head of hair. Matthew Barnaby, it was fun while it lasted. More from the Dallas Morning News:

Looks like Barry Melrose, fired after 16 games in his return to coaching this season, is moving back to Bristol. I think this is breaking news. I don’t know because I seldom recognize it.

Melrose worked 12 years as an ESPN hockey analyst after coaching the Los Angeles Kings. The Tampa Bay Lightning thought so much of his work, it hired him to coach the team this season. That gig lasted about one-fifth of a season. Melrose’s new ESPN deal is for three years.


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