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Vince Wilfork On The Ryan Clark Cheapshot

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008


Nose tackle Vince Wilfork said on WEEI radio yesterday that leading up to Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh, the Patriots saw on film Steelers safety Ryan Clark deliver blows like the one he used to level Wes Welker.

“Of course it was a cheap one,” Wilfork told the radio station during his contractually obligated appearance. “We’ve seen it on film all year. He’s nothing special. He’s nothing special. He deserved that penalty. There are a lot of times they take shots, unnecessary shots on guys.

“If you’re going to sit me down and send me to the commissioner’s office for me playing in between the whistles you need to sit this guy down. The same thing I got punished for is the same thing he did.

“I’ve been fined. I’ve talked to the commissioner about my play. That was unnecessary. We’ve seen it all the time, leading up to this game; this guy taking shots when nobody is looking, or when it’s out of the play, he’s taking shots.”


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