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The Result Of Heidi’s O’Face Came From ?

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008


A) She just realized she married Spencer

B) Someone is fondling their genitals at Heidi as she approaching

C) She was poking fun with the papprazzi showing them that she hasn’t made an O’ Face since she started to date Spencer

D) She found out that Manny Ramirez did not accept arbitration

E) The hairy palms of Spencer were a bit too much for her (Editor’s note: if she thinks those are hairy wait till she sees mine)

F) She heard that Lauren Conrad’s sextape is off the market, because of the massive amount of growth in her ankles since season two.

G) The paparazzi told Heidi that its true that Audrina makes $60,000 an episode

H) It was announced over the loud speakers at LAX that Zippa finally has a job!

I) Due to the plastic surgery, her face has been pulled back so far that she is giving a constant O’ Face


2 Responses to “The Result Of Heidi’s O’Face Came From ?”

  1. Anonymous said


  2. Bobby Boccala said

    I’ve heard rumblings that Zippa found a job. Is that the reason John Anthony stopped posting his weekly picks? And is it true that he is working at a dog kennel/sperm bank performing as a fluffer on the dogs helping out in the procreation process?

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