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John Kruk Wanted To Do Damage To The Face Of Karl Ravech

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008


It’s a tough marriage among ESPN personalities. They’re around each other more than they are around their families and it’s inevitable that they get on each others nerves. Much like how my boss gets on my nerves when he question’s me about my work performance. So with that brings tension and the potential for a good fight. Well, a good beat down of an ex-athlete on an ESPN personality. In a recent article with, John Kruk talked about his sometimes salty relationship with Needham’s own Karl Ravech, and how he would at times like to do some very bad things to the often tan face of Ravech:

Kruk seems to have a good rapport with ”Baseball Tonight” host Karl Ravech, but says like with any family, there are some less-than-harmonious moments.

”You better have a good rapport because we’re on four days a week from March through October,” Kruk said. ”If we didn’t get along, it would be hard.

”I mean there have been times when I wanted to punch him in the face. And, I’m sure there are times when he’d like to do the same to me. We argue. One time we went three days without speaking to each other, except on the air.

”A lot of it has nothing to do with TV. He might have said something while we were golfing or something like that. It’s just like teammates on a baseball team. There were days I wanted to walk into the clubhouse and drop someone and I’m sure someone wanted to do it to me.”


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