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Adam Dunn Cheaper Alternative To Mark Teixeira

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008


If the Red Sox are not dead-set on overpaying for Mark Teixeira, and don’t want to lose an draft picks that occurs with signing a Type A free-agent, but want to make an upgrade in the power department, a cheaper alternative for them could be Adam Dunn. The Arizona Diamondbacks failed to offer arbitration to Dunn, so there will be no compensation if another team were to sign him. The former backup quarterback at the University of Texas isn’t nearly as good of a hitter as Mark Teixeira is, but what Dunn brings you is power and lots of it. Dunn consistently hits over 40 HR’s a year and drives in around 100 RBI’s, while Teixeira hits home runs in the low 30’s and drives in around 120 RBI’s a year. Not too much of a difference between players. One down fall of Dunn is that he strikes-out a lot a real lot, around 170 times a season, while Teixeira too does strikeout quite a bit but around the 120’s a lot less than Dunn. One major area of importance to the Red Sox is On Base Percentage, something that Theo Epstein and his minions just fond over. Much is why there love for Teixeira, but Dunn is too shabby either. Dunn is typically in the high .380’s to .390, while Teixeira is usually in that same area, but the past two years he’s been over .400. In 2005 and 2006 their OBP’s were almost identical. The biggest difference between these two is defense and the money they will command on the open market this winter. While Teixeira wants a eight-year deal well over $100 Million dollars, Dunn could probably be had for 4-years $60 Million dollars. Dunn may not be an elite player like Teixeira, but he is a far cheaper addition if the Sox feel they need to add more pop to their lineup. He would also allow them to go after another high quality player, where as if they were to sign Teixeira it would hinder their ability to sign other quality players. The result of signing Dunn would be saving at least $60 Million dollars and two draft picks, two things that the Red Sox covet. More from Ken Rosenthal:

A team can now sign Dunn without forfeiting a high draft pick, making him that much more attractive on the open market.

Dunn is the only major leaguer to hit 40 or more home runs in each of the past five seasons. Yet, in a struggling economy, the Diamondbacks were not convinced that he would receive a suitable multiyear offer from another club.

The D-backs, according to a major-league source, made one last run at Dunn, proposing a two-year deal shortly before the arbitration deadline at midnight ET Monday.

When Dunn did not bite, the D-backs declined to offer him arbitration, fearing he might collect a salary in the $15 million range at a time when the team is facing significant budgetary concerns.

Dunn might have been more difficult to move at a salary of $15 million, and the Diamondbacks determined that keeping him involved more risk than reward.

Bad for the D-backs, who will not get the two draft picks they anticipated when they traded three players for Dunn last August.


One Response to “Adam Dunn Cheaper Alternative To Mark Teixeira”

  1. Dennis said

    Adam Dunn will be cheaper and wouldn’t cost a draft pick but we’d probably still have to trade Lowell to make room for him at 1B. Given Dunn’s poor defense, I’m not even sure that getting Dunn and dealing Lowell will help out the club overall. Sure Dunn can play some outfield also (badly) and we may be able to keep him and Lowell and rotate but the problem of a long-term power bat not named Lars Anderson will still be there.

    Teixeira is switch-hitter with power and patience from both sides of the plate, capable of hitting against great pitching and he plays gold-glove defense. You pretty much know the volume of production you’re getting with Teixeira for the next 6 to 8 years. I’m pretty high on him and I’m not too worried about overpaying for him because I think his value to the Sox would be extremely high.

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