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A List Of The Funniest Baseball Injuries

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008


From Let’

Marty Cordova missed a week because his doctor told him to stay out of sunlight after he was severely burned in a California tanning salon

Bret Barberie missed a game because he put chili juice in his eyes ( Editor’s note: he was married to Jillian Barberie of Fox)

Carlos Perez broke his nose in a car accident. He was trying to pass the team bus on the highway

Manager Roger Craig cut his hand undoing a bra strap

Rickey Henderson missed a week from frostbite in August 
Carlos Zambrano was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome after spending too much time online

Ken Griffey, Jr. pinched a testicle when his cup slipped

Rey Quinones couldn’t pinch hit because he was playing Nintendo in the clubhouse

John Smoltz burnt himself ironing a shirt he was wearing

Adam Eaton stabbed himself in the stomach while opening a DVD case

Ricky Bones missed a week after hurting a finger changing the TV channel

Larry Anderson strained a rib muscle getting out of a jacuzzi

Terry Harper separated his shoulder after waving a baserunner home and hi-fiving him

Steve Foster hurt his pitching shoulder knocking down milk cartons on the “Tonight Show” w/ Jay Leno

Byron McLaughin cut his hand while practicing his windup. It hit and slashed the mirror

Charlie Hough broke a pinkie while pinkie shaking

Vince Coleman missed the entire ’85 World Series after getting wrapped up in the tarp machine

Thanks to Bobby Baccala!


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