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Pete Carroll Wants To Commit Fashion Nightmare

Posted by Mike on December 2, 2008


Los Angeles must be the fashion capital of America, because the Pete Carroll led USC Trojans are willing to give up two timeouts just to wear their home red jersey’s when they take on crosstown rival UCLA this Saturday, reports ESPN. Carroll said that USC would wear their home red jersey’s anyways on Saturday which violates NCAA rules and fashion laws across the country, because who wants to see a cardinal red jersey team take on a team who wears powder blue. That would be an HD nightmare. A larger part of this story is the disrespect that Carroll and USC are showing the UCLA Bruins. It’s a home game for UCLA, so USC should wear their white uniforms, and the giving up of two timeouts is a clear shot at how bad of a team that UCLA has become. Something that could give UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel and former USC and current UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow that extra bit of motivation that their team may need. But, in the end it doesn’t make a difference what USC wears, they could play topless, or they could stay out all night long, get bombed, bang fat chicks, get Lyme disease (which is a typical night as USC anyways, only you can substitute the fat chicks for really hot chicks, and lyme disease for herpes), and they still would roll UCLA. More from ESPN:

USC coach Pete Carroll says the NCAA can have two of his timeouts from Saturday’s crosstown rivalry game with UCLA. He just wants his players to wear their home colors.

Carroll said on Monday that the Trojans would wear their cardinal red home jerseys on Saturday at the Rose Bowl. That violates an NCAA rule that requires visiting teams to wear white, and the infraction will cost him two timeouts, one per half.

The last time the Trojans and the Bruins both wore home jerseys — the Trojans in red, the Bruins in blue and gold — was in 1982, when the schools shared the Los Angeles Coliseum.

“I just thought it was a really cool tradition,” Carroll said.

As for losing timeouts? “I don’t care about it right now,” Carroll said. “I think it’s the fun thing to do, and I think the fans will appreciate it over time.”

Carroll said the decision to wear home jerseys is not meant as a sign of disrespect to UCLA, adding that he discussed restoring the tradition with former UCLA coach Karl Dorrell and with current coach Rick Neuheisel.

“It’s exciting,” Neuheisel said. “I think wearing the home jerseys is a great tradition.”

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