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You Can Put A Halt To Those Jets Super Bowl Predictions

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008


After watching ESPN yesterday, were it was discussed, in all seriousness if the New York Jets were the best team in the AFC, better than the 11-1 Tennesse Titans. The Eric Mangini led Jets, lost to the defensively inept Denver Broncos, 34-17. So much for that stellar, shutdown Jets defense that people have been hyping up for the past few weeks. Oh, and Cris Collinsworth can stop campaigning for Kris Jenkins to be MVP, seventh round draft pick, Peyton Hillis managed to rush for 129 yards and a touchdown against that vaunted Jets defense. Brett Favre managed to revert to his normal self, going 23 of 43 for 247 yards, 0 touchdowns and 1 interception. Though, Thomas Jones and rookie Dustin Keller bought managed to have big games. In what could have been a major coup for the Patriots if they had beaten the Steelers, the division would have been tied with four games to go. The Patriots still remain one game behind the Jets. The remaining schedule for the Jets is: at San Francisco, home against the Bills, at Seattle, and home against the Dolphins. Not exactly the toughest schedule, but they are traveling to the west coast two separate times which can be difficult for any team. Look for the Jets to lose to the Seahawks. You heard it here first. The Patriots should win-out, but they do have a tough game against the Arizona Cardinals on December 21st. Any passing offense gives the Patriots trouble, but the Cardinalspassing game might be the best in the league, which should definitely give Deltha O’Neal and Ellis Hobbs major problems. Only thing the Patriots have going for them is the weather and the fact that the Cardinalswould have wrapped up their division and might be resting their starters.


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