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What Was Chad Johnson Doing At 5AM On Black Friday ?

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008


My first guess was he was in a bed full of white women, but to my chagrin, the man who wants to go by Ocho Cinco was at a Best Buy in Florence, Kentucky reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. Instead of helping out my fantasy team, which is in dire distress, Johnson was in Kentucky shopping. Many people around the NFL did not find this amusing. It was said that Johnson should have either been sleeping and getting his body ready for practice, or studying and getting ready for the Bengals game versus the Ravens, instead of saving a few bucks at Best Buy. More from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Ocho Cinco makes his way through the Best Buy store in Florence, Ky. He said was in the store to buy coach Marvin Lewis a gift. Seen with a Rock Band kit, portable stereo and a Cuisinart four-slice toaster, Ocho Cinco said, “I’ve been trying to call coach, but he doesn’t answer.” It was 5:25 a.m.

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