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Urban Meyer To Notre Dame ?

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008


Per Chicago Tribune:

As a Stanford Law School-educated jurist, Jack Swarbrick must be finely attuned to fine print, so Notre Dame’s athletic director already may be aware of the following: According to his contract with the University of Florida, Urban Meyer may discuss jobs with other entities only during a period starting with the “final day of the regular football season” and ending seven days after a bowl game.

It’s a window that presumably opens after Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship game and stays that way for 40 days (a week past the BCS title game on Jan 8th ) should Florida beat Alabama to win the SEC title. Swarbrick’s season-evaluation meeting with Irish coach Charlie Weis apparently is set for next Monday

A Tribune review of Meyer’s deal does not reveal some mystery out clause for Notre Dame. At least not in black and white.

Indeed, after that dismal showing at USC, Sunday was a day of unrest. But no news emanated from South Bend, and school officials didn’t indicate any was to come.

If change does come, though, “when” is not the central issue. It’s whether any potential replacements outstrip Weis, and whether those candidates want to come to South Bend.

More than likely Meyer has no interest in Notre Dame, he will just use them to get more money out of the the University of Florida. It’s how college coaches negotiate.


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