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Mark Teixeira

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008

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From Peter Gammons interview with Firebrandal:

Are the rumblings that the Red Sox refuse to be outbid for Mark Teixeira true? If so, what do they see in the future for Lars Anderson and what would they seek in a Mike Lowell trade? Why would they want Teixeira instead of patching other holes? What would they do if they signed Teixeira and couldn’t trade Lowell?

They look at Teixeira at age 28 and see a star who can produce for an easy eight years, then figure out what to do with everone else. I don’t think they’re in the mode of refusing to be outbid; they never work that way. But with the age of Ortiz and Lowell, to put Teixeira in with Youkilis and Pedroia in their primes would give them offensive predictability.

They don’t know what they have next year in Lowell or Ortiz, although I’d be hesitant to give up on them. Lowell says he is progressing very well, and Cora was stunned by how far he’s come, and I believe that Ortiz will come back with his knee, wrist and condition far different. But if they have Teixeira, they can get to spring training and see what happens.

As for Anderson, there may be a 1b/DH situation, maybe he can play some outfield, but they think he was born to play in Fenway because of his ability to drive the ball in the air to left center.

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