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Jews To Get Payback On Mel Gibson

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008


According to the National Enquirer, actor, director, and all about hater of Jews, Mel Gibson’s wife is set to file for divorce and seek a huge sum of Gibson’s $900 Million dollar fortune. There have pictures all across the Internet (here and here) depicting Gibson as a drunk, adulterer. Which will then allow his wife to land a very large sum of money and be the #1 cougar on the prowl. Hey, Ms. Gibson, if you’re a reader of the site I’d love a date. My treat. How’s Ground Round sound ? In what’s sure to make this divorce even more entertaining, is when/if his soon to be ex-wife hires a Jewish lawyer. I can see it now, when her lawyer asks Mel a few questions, Gibson will respond to the lawyer: ” Are you a Jew”, the lawyer: “of course, how many lawyers do you know that are not Jewish ? Gibson” F*cking Jews!”. This will undoubtedly be the number one story for weeks on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood.


2 Responses to “Jews To Get Payback On Mel Gibson”

  1. raginrondo said

    Does the Ground Round exist anymore?? i swear they’re out of business…but I did love those fried dough things they had.

  2. McChanski said

    free fucking popcorn!

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