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Don’t Ask Eric Moulds For His John Hancock

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008


You think playing in Buffalo for ten years would make Eric Moulds a man of the people. Apparently, not so. A rabid Bills fan asked Moulds for his autograph and Moulds answer to that fan was a punch in the face, reports the Buffalo News. At least he didn’t shoot him in the leg. This reminds me of the time I asked Mo Vaughn for an autograph, and unforuntely for me I wasn’t a stripper and Mr. Vaughn greeted me with the response “get that f*cking ball outta my face!” True Story. More from Buffalo News:

A former Buffalo Bills player is under investigation in connection with an alleged assault outside a Chippewa Street bar early Friday morning.

The alleged victim told police that the ex-player punched him in the face when he told the player he admired him and asked for his autograph, an officer familiar with the investigation said Saturday night.

The player felt that he was being harassed, the officer said.


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