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Deltha O’Neal Needs To Go

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008

Patriots 49ers Football

Among the many problems that the New England Patriots had against the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday, one problem was very clear: Deltha O’ Neal is awful. O’Neal gives perhaps the largest cushion in the league to receivers. It’s reminiscent of the restraining order I once was served for being a die-hard fan of Paul Shaffer. I was told not to be within 200 feet of David Letterman’s bandleader. That’s the same type of distance that O’ Neal plays off of a receiver. The only thing that O’ Neal can defend is a go-pattern, and that he has a difficult time with that. He whiffed on trying to bump Santonio Holmes at the line and luckily Holmes dropped a easy catch, that would have put the Steelers on the three-yard line. Somehow, the cornerback has been a two-time Pro Bowler. There must have been a lot of injuries those years. Dale Carter and Bobby Taylor must have been hurt. For as bad as people say Ellis Hobbs is, O’Neal is just that much worse. The Patriots were better suited giving O’Neal’s money to Ty Law, playing rookie Jonathan Wilhite, getting him ready for next season, or signing another scrub off the street. That’s what O’ Neal has become, another scrub off the street. The Deltha O’ Neal experiment needs to come to an end. It’s clear he isn’t the right cornerback for this system. One thing is for certain, O’Neal’s name has become very suitable for him: Deltha, because everybody flys right by him.


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