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Charlie Weis Out ? Brian Kelly In At Notre Dame ?

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008


Per College Football Talk:

We don’t know yet whether Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly is really going to leave to become the next head coach at Notre Dame. But we do know there are people close to the Cincinnati football program who think Kelly is gone.

We’re hearing that people connected to the Cincinnati program think that a deal is already in place for Kelly to coach Notre Dame. There’s even talk about who will lead the football program in its bowl game, which will be a BCS bowl thanks to Cincinnati winning the Big East.

More from CFT:

One of our NFL sources has shared with us an intriguing take on the potential import of the decision of Tennessee to hire Lane Kiffin to succeed Phil Fulmer.

It was widely believed that Cincinnati’s Brian Kelly would get the Tennessee job.  So with Kelly abruptly out and Kiffin abruptly in, the thinking in some circles is that Kelly has something else lined up.

And that something very well could be a certain coming vacancy in South Bend, Indiana.


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