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Anything Is Possible In College Football

Posted by Mike on December 1, 2008


Somehow, someway, the University of Oklahoma managed to leapfrog Texas in the BCS standings and will now play Missouri in the Big 12 Championship. It appears that the BCS didn’t take into account the 45-35 loss that Texas gave the Sooners. Instead the 65-21 whooping that Oklahoma gave to Texas Tech was the biggest factor in the Sooners possibly earning a chance to play for the National Championship. There is something wrong with the BCS/Big 12 if two-teams with identical records play each other in a conference game and the winner of that games doesn’t determine who plays for the Big 12 Championship. It still won’t make a difference because the best two teams in the country won’t be playing for the National Championship. Those teams being Florida and USC. It’s likely that Florida will play in the National Championship game after they beat Alabama (it’s a lock), but they will likely take on Oklahoma, after they beat Missouri. Because of their conference a team from the Big 12 should play for the National Championship, but that team is clearly Texas, not Oklahoma.

For complete BCS Standings click here


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