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No News Is Good News For Matt Light

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008


Per Adam Schefter:

New England and Miami have been waiting to hear whether Patriots left tackle Matt Light and Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder will be suspended for fighting during Sunday’s fourth quarter.

They’ll be waiting for a while, which is good news for both teams.

An NFL official confirmed the league would not issue any rulings Tuesday, an ideal day to announce suspensions. If suspensions don’t come Tuesday, they usually wait until the next week — if they come at all.

So no news in this case is good news. Fines still could be handed down this week, but it is unlikely suspensions will.

But that’s a decision for NFL director of football operations Gene Washington, who has been reviewing the incident that resulted in the ejection of both players.

UPDATE: Per Pro Football Talk:

Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light and Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder won’t be suspended for their fight during Sunday’s game in Miami.

But they will be fined, $15,000 each.

Per Adam Schefter of NFL Network, the league opted to impose fines and not suspensions for the incident, which resulted in both players being ejected.


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