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Michael Silver Takes Shot At Patriots

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008


Count Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports as someone who wasn’t too fond of the New England Patriots touchdown in the final minute against the Miami Dolphins. In his latest column, Silver writes 12. New England Patriots: Is any team more dangerous on fourth down with a 13-point lead in the final minute ?” What the pot-smoking journalist ( I didn’t call him that the Raiders did) fails to realize is that this is something the Patriots have always done. If they kick a field goal that looks worse, yes, they could have downed it, but Belichick would like to send a message to the Dolphins and namely Joey Porter. They were on the one freakin’ yard line. It wasn’t like the Patriots were in shot-gun, everyone in the stadium knew they were going to run the ball up the gut. The Dolphins get paid too. The comment by Silver is a bit of a cheapshot at the Patriots. Surprising that it came from such an excellent journalist, someone who for the most part, usually agrees with the Patriots, and perhaps has the best relationship out of any journalist in the country with Tom Brady. The again, they could have downed it.


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