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Will Teams Spend Posada Money To Get Varitek ?

Posted by Mike on November 25, 2008


From Rob Neyer:

Posada’s contract isn’t a reasonable analogue because 1) Posada was a better player when he got that deal than Varitek is now, and 2) it wasn’t a reasonable contract anyway; the Yankees overpaid because, of course, they can.

 Of course, so can the Red Sox. I don’t mean that they can spend, say, $11 million and not notice. But if there’s a debate about spending $9 million or $11 million, that debate won’t last long because the $2 million difference is basically a rounding error for John Henry.

As is often the case with super-rich teams, the real question here isn’t the $$ but rather the PA; the Red Sox can afford to spend an extra couple of million bucks, but they can’t necessarily afford to blow another 500 plate appearances on a guy who can’t hit. Or didn’t, this year. I know the front office places a high value on Varitek’s leadership, and I suspect the front office expects him to bounce back some next year with the bat.

If he does bounce back, he’s worth $11 million (to the Red Sox). If he doesn’t — if the hitter we saw in 2008 is the hitter he actually is — the contract will only hurt them if the money compels them to give Varitek more plate appearances than he deserves. So regardless of the dollars Varitek winds up getting, we really can’t pass judgment until sometime next summer.

One Response to “Will Teams Spend Posada Money To Get Varitek ?”

  1. Bryan said

    Actually this matter is all related to the science that goes behind the curtain and fans didn’t’ get to notice that.. they just know about the surface but what about the mantle and core..Varitek case is all related to Yanks and that all have to be decided by the Manager and the Yanks crew.. we merely as spectators can predict what’ll happen.. and I don’t see any hope candidly…

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