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Were They Watching The Game ?

Posted by Mike on November 25, 2008


From NY Post:

IGNORE What You See, Believe What You’re Told, Continued: Saturday, ESPN2 carried Indiana-Purdue, Joe Tiller’s last game before retiring as Purdue’s coach. It was over by halftime, when Purdue was crushing IU, 41-3.

No matter, in the second half, and well into the fourth quarter, Tiller not only left his starters in, he seemed eager to thoroughly humiliate IU.

At 48-3, Purdue continued to throw, long passes, too. Purdue even used gadget plays – a double reverse – as the score became 55-3, then 62-10, the final. Purdue’s starting QB, Curtis Painter, was 38 of 54 for 448 yards. In all, Purdue was 41 of 58, 479 passing yards: obscene totals in a game won by 52 points.

No matter, the pandering ESPN announcers, play-by-player Pam Ward and analyst Ray Bentley, spoke none of it. With visual evidence only to the contrary, throughout the fourth quarter they took turns telling us that Tiller is a nobleman, a class act, a great leader of young men. A sampling:

Bentley: “Ya gotta feel good because you know Joe Tiller, the things he stands for, for him to go out like this, it’s apropos.”

Ward: “He has treated everyone with respect.”

Geez. Why not say nothing, instead?

At game’s end, it was sent to ESPN’s college football studio, where anchor Wendi Nix added, “Congratulations to Joe Tiller, who goes out in a big way! That’s a perfect way to go out!”


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