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Rangers Want Clay Buchholz In Any Deal With The Sox

Posted by Mike on November 25, 2008



Even though the Rangers have a surplus of catchers, it seems like they are having problems finding a trading partner for young pitching. Will the Rangers be patient enough to wait on the right deal, even if it means holding on to the catchers for another season?
— Sean H., Pampa, Texas

General manager Jon Daniels has set a “high bar” for his catching. He wants Clay Buchholz in any deal with the Red Sox. He keeps insisting that he doesn’t have to trade a catcher, even if that makes for an uncomfortable situation next spring.

One Response to “Rangers Want Clay Buchholz In Any Deal With The Sox”

  1. Bryan said

    I can’t get skeptical over his talent…… I mean if Red Sox are so desperate to have him…… that itself says everything about his incredible talent… great going and best of luck BSOX

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