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Oh, To Be A Soccer Player With An Accent

Posted by Mike on November 25, 2008


What’s the benefits of being a soccer player ? Danielle Lloyd. Apparently, the English babe has a fondness for soccer players and accent’s. Not necessarily in that order. Word from England is that the babe loves to nail any soccer player that walks, and if you have an accent no dates are needed. Now things on my to do list: learn how to play soccer, move to England, learn to speak like Sean Connery, and Danielle Lloyd. More from News of the World:

“But when he does speak she she goes mad for his accent. Danielle’s a sucker for a foreign accent, even though it’s nearly as difficult to understand as hers! Mind you, making conversation wasn’t the major thing on either of their minds last Saturday night.

“They’d obviously planned to get together because Danielle was hanging around the hotel bar with all of us waiting for something to happen.

“She looked a bit nervous and was necking back the champagne.

“Then when Ryan turned up, they disappeared off to his room straight away.”

She’s had enough talent through her hands to man a five-a- side squad, with a spare on the bench in case of unforeseen injury, like groin strain. First in the line-up was England and Manchester United legend TEDDY SHERINGHAM for almost two years before Danielle scoring with England striker JERMAIN DEFOE.

I hope English counts as a foreign accent to her.


One Response to “Oh, To Be A Soccer Player With An Accent”

  1. Anonymous said

    who is this broad? I got the first name but no last name and what is she famous for besides banging soccer players. please elaborate next time you write a column like this. thanks

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