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If Reggie Bush Wasn’t Playing Football He’d Be A…..

Posted by Mike on November 25, 2008


ESPN does a piece with players, their girlfriend, and their best friend who is a teammate, to see who knows the player the best. This week’s victim was non-other than New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush. The people involved with answering the question’s for Bush were Saints defensive end Bobby McCray and Bush’s girlfriend, and legend of the amateur porn world, Kim Kardashian. The question was posed: If Reggie didn’t play football what would he be doing ? Both McCray and Kardashian both said acting. Then Bush was asked for the actual answer. Any guesses what Bush said ? Porn Director ? Mail Man ? Gym Teacher ? Or should I say Jim teacher with his lack of USC education ? Hold onto your seats for this response. Bush said if he wasn’t in football that ” he’d be some kind of Doctor”. WOW! Not any type of doctor, but some kind of a doctor. In my best Bill Lumbergh voice, ummm yeah, Reggie I don’t the whole doctor thing would have worked out.


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