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Chris Cooley Air Humps Teammate, But Thankfully No Pictures Of Little Cooley

Posted by Mike on November 25, 2008


From Chris Cooley’s Blog:

Last Thursday in practice we were working on our run game and one of our guys fell down as the play ended. I had just finished off my block and turned back to see him wallowing around on his hands and knees trying to get back to his feet. I don’t really know why, but I thought it would be funny as hell to air hump him in while he was down, maybe catch it on the end of the film clip to have something to laugh about in meetings later that afternoon. I was even nice enough to make sure he wasn’t really hurt before I moved in behind him. As I finished off and made my way back to the huddle I heard about half the team erupt in laughter, really I didn’t expect any reaction, but apparently it was noticed by everyone.

So, back to the bus, when the game ends I usually load up on bus #2 and move towards the back with the offensive line, Yoder, and the kickers. Kind of our little after the game club. After games we usually have to sit on the bus and wait for a half hour or so before all the interviews are done and the gear gets loaded up to take to the airport and then it’s usually another half an hour before we get to the plane. So we get some quality time to spend together, especially after a win. After Sunday nights game I was getting all kinds of hell about what was going to happen to me when I fell asleep on the plane due to the whole air humping thing.  You know, asses on your face, dicks drawn on you forehead, or the very popular picture of you sleeping with someone’s balls touching you then getting the photo texted to your phone in the morning prank. So I went back to entertain a little pre-plane wrestling match and take care of business. Before I knew it I was held down on the floor being manhandled and punched in the crotch, oh yea, I got air humped in retaliation while I was down too.


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