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Mark Teixeira

Posted by Mike on November 24, 2008


Per Baseball Prospectus:

The Red Sox plan to outbid everyone, including the Yankees and Angels, for free-agent first baseman Mark Teixeira, unless someone comes in with an offer of $200 million or more.

Per Orange County Register:

If he were going to re-sign in Anaheim, I think it already would have happened. Just a gut feeling. Even the people I talk to in the organization don’t seem optimistic.

Teixeira would be ridiculed if he signed with perpetual losers such as the Baltimore Orioles or Washington Nationals, so my guess is he’ll sign with the Boston Red Sox.

NY Daily News:

The Yanks and Burnett’s agent, Darek Braunecker, are “talking parameters,” according to the executive. “But right now they are saying five-year offers. The Yankees are not ready to go to five years.”

Braunecker, who did not return a call or text message Friday, has talked to the Red Sox, too. But some in baseball believe Boston is more interested in a reunion with Derek Lowe and in pursuing first baseman Mark Teixeira. “I don’t think they’re that involved” with Burnett, the official said.


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