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Who Knew Joey Porter Was Such An Animal-Activist ?

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2008


Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter can be called a lot of things, and one of them isn’t smart. The often outspoken linebacker was commenting on the Michael Vicksituation. You know, the guy who sponsored dog-fighting, murdered dogs, and had his friends drive around and look for dogs, so his pit bulls could practice on them. That Michael Vick, or for you loose ladies out there, you may know him as Ron Mexico. Well, Porter told the Palm Beach Post:

“He should. All it was was dogs,” Porter said today. “They act like they don’t even like pit bulls anyway. I got pit bulls, I’ve gotta put them under a different breed just to travel. You can’t fly pit bulls anywhere.

“So it’s not like cocker spaniels, something they like. They don’t even care for pit bulls.”

Porter’s logic on pit bulls and cocker spaniels is hard to follow. Even so, he didn’t pull a Clinton Portis, who said last year that Vick should have been able to do what he wanted on his own property.

But Porter owns two pit bulls, including one that just had a litter of five puppies. Porter has a Maltese, too.


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