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Red Sox “Lust After” Mark Teixeira

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2008


Per Boston Herald:

The Red Sox, along with a growing number of teams, are targeting first baseman Mark Teixeira with increasing intensity.

One baseball source, familiar with the Sox’ thinking this offseason, said the club’s “lust” factor is very strong for Teixeira, who was on the Georgia Tech sideline with Sox catcher Jason Varitek for last night’s ACC football game against Miami in Atlanta.

“For a team that liked J.D. Drew they absolutely love Teixeira,” said the source.

The Sox will not be publicly prioritizing their free agent wish list in the coming weeks. But as the winter meetings approach early next month, expect the buzz about Teixeira to only get louder.


One Response to “Red Sox “Lust After” Mark Teixeira”

  1. raginrondo said

    I like the red BOLD compared to the black bold mikey…i’m lusting over it!!

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