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Posted by Mike on November 21, 2008


According to People Magazine, Megan Fox is planning a small wedding with that DJ from Beverly Hills 90210. The 22-year-old babe is set to marry Brian Austin Green of 90210 fame. I don’t give this marriage 9 months. Once Fox suddenly realizes she is tying the knot with a 35-year-old who whose biggest claim to fame in the last 8 years was a CSI episode, she’ll quickly dissolve herself from this marriage. Sidenote- if you were Tom Brady wouldn’t you rather date Fox, than Gisele Bundchen ? I understand the money factor that Gisele brings in now, and that’s based on looks, and trust me, by seeing her mother those won’t last forever. More from People:

Despite reports to the contrary, Transformers hottie Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are “still engaged,” he tells PEOPLE – and they know exactly what they want in a wedding.

“[The ceremony will be] small,” the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star added at Tuesday night’s GQ bash in L.A. “Originally we were talking elopement and now we might have a few people there.”

Still, he said, don’t expect a lot of press hoopla surrounding their big day. “You might hear about it the week after.”

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