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Hal’s The Boss

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2008


With the declining health of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner over the past few years, George aka The Boss wanted to shift the power to his two sons, Hank and Hal. But, Major League Baseball notified the Yankees that there could be only one general partner, reports the NY Post. So with that, the Yankees yesterday made the younger of the two, Hal Steinbrenner the new boss of the New York Yankees. Hal is the not nearly as outspoken as older brother Hank is, and Hal’s primary focus with the team is going to be around the finances of the team. While older brother Hank, will help assist in baseball operations, and will hopefully continually be outspoken and say dumb things on a daily basis. The Yanks new boss won’t be in the limelight quite as much as his father was, those duties might still be left up to Hank, who seems very comfortable commenting on matters. The Steinbrenner tandem doesn’t have much history in baseball, Hank used to work in the Horsing industry, and Hal was involved in the families other businesses. Many people feel that putting the younger Steinbrenner in charge was the right move, he’s not nearly as hot-headed as his brother, and won’t shout off some idiotic comments that could damage the Yankees. It truly is the end of an era for Yankees fans, with the original Boss no longer controlling the most popular team in sports. More from NY Post:

So the Steinbrenner family put the issue to a vote, and Hank voted for his younger brother to officially follow their father, who stepped away from the table in the fall of 2007 due to faltering health.

That decision became official yesterday, with Hal taking over the reins from his now-frail father.

“Hank supported this move because Hal works with the finances,” a Yankee source said when asked if the shift meant Hank was being brushed aside or requested a lesser role. “He is fine with it.”

Since Hal, 40 next month, was more visible around the Yankees this year – meeting often with GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi – than was Hank, the mantle being passed to Hal makes sense.

According to team spokesman Howard Rubenstein, the 51-year-old Hank will remain in charge of baseball operations.

When asked in October about a reduced role, Hank refuted that and said, “Unless you hear it from me or my brother, it doesn’t mean anything.”


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