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Artie Moreno May Put A Deadline On Teixeira Contract Offer

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2008


Per Jayson Stark:

Friends of Angels owner Arte Moreno predict that the team’s pursuit of Teixeira will not operate on Scott Boras’ customary drawn-out time frame. In fact, it wouldn’t be a shock to see the Angels establishing a deadline, and either signing Teixeira or pulling out by the end of the winter meetings.

“Look at Arte’s history,” one source said. “He doesn’t like his money to be out there for a long time. Once he makes an offer, there will be a window. So he’ll be patient — but only to a degree. Just look back at the deals he’s done. Look how quickly Torii [Hunter] got done. Look how quickly Vlad [Guerrero] got done. So he’s not going to wait a long time.”

Moreno’s friends also sound skeptical that the Angels will give Teixeira the eight to 10 years Boras is reportedly asking. And they suggest that although Teixeira is the club’s No. 1 focus, if Boras tries to turn this into a duel for the last dollar, Teixeira won’t be an Angel.

“Again, check his history,” the same source said. “Arte is about winning. And he’s about people who want to be there.”

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