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Troy Williamson Wants To Fight Former Coach

Posted by Mike on November 20, 2008


The list of people who dislike Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress is growing. You can put former Vikings receiver Troy Williamsonat the top of that list. Not only does Williamson strongly dislike Childress, but Williamson brought up the idea of possibly fighting him before this Sunday’s game were the Vikings take on Williamson’s new team the Jacksonville Jaguars, reports the Star Tribune:

Williamson, a former Vikings first-round draft pick, hasn’t forgiven Childress for the way he treated him following the death of his grandmother last fall. Childress originally docked Williamson a game check of about $25,000 when he didn’t show up for the Nov. 4 game against San Diego. Childress later returned the money following a national backlash of criticism and a meeting with a select group of Vikings veterans.

Speaking to reporters in Jacksonville about the significance of playing the Vikings this week, Williamson mentioned three times how he and Childress should meet at midfield and go at it. He also asked reporters to mention that to Childress during their conference call later in the day.

Childress played along when a reporter said, “Humor me for a minute, coach,” and proceeded to ask about a potential bout at the 50-yard line. Childress said there couldn’t be a fight at midfield because league rules mandate a “buffer zone” between teams, “and I don’t need any fines.”

Asked what his weight was, presumably for a tale-of-the-tape chart, Childress joked that he was “190 pounds of twisted steel and rompin’, stompin’ dynamite.” Childress also asked the reporter, “Do you want my reach, too?”


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