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Phil Savage Is Going To Need Some Help On His P.R.

Posted by Mike on November 20, 2008


Cleveland Browns GM, Phil Savage came to the Browns with a lot of hope. After all, he was a big part of putting together the Baltimore Ravens. But, a few years into his Browns regime, Savage has been basically a failure. Last season gave a lot of people in the organization and fans hope that the 2008-2009 season would be a big one for the Browns. They were supposed to possibly contend for the Division Title. But, things haven’t worked out so good for them so far, and so with that Savage is getting some hate e-mail. And according to Deadspin, he’s responding to them. Here’s an email for a Browns fan to Savage (via Deadspin):

You are easily the worst GM in the NFL. Chud, Crennel and Tucker should
NOT have jobs. How the hell do you play prevent defense the entire
game? How do you NOT use Jerome Harrison more? Why the hell would you
throw the ball with 6 minutes left? This is officially a regime that is
worse than Butch Davis’. By the way, just like last week – this email
was written while the Browns still had the lead.

And the response that Savage gave the fan:

From: Savage, Phil
Subject: Re: Browns
To: xxxxxxx
Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 12:17 AM

Go root for Buffalo-f#@* you-


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