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Mark Teixeira

Posted by Mike on November 20, 2008


Per Ken Rosenthal:

While the Angels and Red Sox still appear the favorites for free-agent first baseman Mark Teixeira, the Nationals remain a major player, the Yankees can not be discounted and other teams remain involved.


Teixeira’s agent, Scott Boras, is in deep economic discussions with interested clubs, according to a major-league source. Teixeira is almost certain to sign before Boras’ other major free-agent slugger, Manny Ramirez.

It still appears doubtful that Teixeira will choose the Nationals or his even hometown Orioles when he has better options. But another Boras client, Alex Rodriguez, stunned the baseball world by joining the then-lowly Rangers as a free agent after the 2000 season.

Teixeira, 28, could justify signing with the Nationals by saying he wanted to be the face of an emerging franchise in the nation’s capital. He could rationalize signing with the Orioles by saying he wanted to spark their revival at a time when the team finally is starting to develop young talent.

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