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2nd Annual B.O.S. Awards

Posted by Mike on November 18, 2008


2nd Annual B.O.S. Awards


The Second B.O.S. (Bag of Sh*t) Awards go out to the players/people who have underachieved, sh*t the bed, look like sh*t or just did something so
dumb that they must be called a B.O.S.

Our first B.O.S award goes to the New York Giants Kickers — Yes you bags of sh*t, as if my fantasy team didn’t suck enough, you go and rotate your kicker randomly like the bags of douche that you are.  John “Prima la” Carney was in the lineup only to have Laurence “my dick is” Tynes start and play. I mean who even holds two roster spots for kickers…kiss my ass Coughlin you mastermind behind the bags of sh*t you are…take it deep!

The second B.O.S. award goes to the NFL Referees — You dirty socks mixed with Indian food and dirty diapers all in one laundry bags of sh*t.  First you make the best league soft and protect the Quarterbacks from Flomaxing in their pants while fining the sh*t out of defensive players…and now 3 times this year you have affected not only a teams win/loss record but now the gambling community.  Once you go there, everyone will jump down your throat forcing pieces of Turducken turds down your throat.  I mean how hard is it to review a play and realize that Cutler fumbled in the goal line, that Rodgers’ under hand pass is still a fucking pass not a safety and how do you not see that Polamalu’s touchdown at the end of the game Sunday was a TOUCHDOWN…you had it right but maybe you heard LT’s tears crying down on your shoulders while his momma fed him Chunky soup…there’s no excuse for that.  Solution:  get to review a play twice???  That’s flat out awful…I’m going to drop a dirty chunky soup sh*t on Hoculi’s lawn and burn that sh*t down.  

Flaming bag of sh*t goes to Mark Cuban — Hey Maverick where’s your goose now you fecking Martha Stewart wannabe Bag of Sh*t.  Could this not have happened to a better person… If you don’t know the SEC accused Mavs owner Mark Cuban of insider trading for selling his stock of after hearing he was going to lose some serious moolah.  First the Cubbies deny the sh*t out of you from even the running of buying their sports team now this.  This is about as bad as his attempt to challenge Trump’s Apprentice with “The Benefactor”. Haha I still laugh at that…but honestly a smart guy with so much money and upside has failed on so many levels it’s ridiculous. The Mavericks consistently have lost in the playoffs for how many years now? and who even uses  So this Flaming bag of Sh*t goes to you Mr Cuban…enjoy the sh*ts now because when your in the slammer I’m sure someone’s jamming more than your wallet right up your ass! 
Ragin’ Rondo

3 Responses to “2nd Annual B.O.S. Awards”

  1. Anonymous said

    How is this the 2nd annual BOS awards when the first annual was last month? I like the column don’t get me wrong but might want to change the title

  2. McChanski said

    Anonymous, go bitch about title headings to someone who gives a shit

  3. raginrondo said

    B.O.S. Award goes to anonymous…this guy can’t even leave his name, go back to waiting in line at the verizon store for a new BlackBerry Storm!! YOU Giant Bag of shit!

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