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3rd And 15

Posted by Mike on November 14, 2008


Third and Fifteen pretty much sums up the game. When the Patriots needed just one more play from its defense, the defense couldn’t deliver. Instead, Dustin Keller was left uncovered and caught a 16-yard pass, as the Jets went on a fourteen play, 64-yard drive that took 7:50 off the clock, that allowed Jay Feely to kick the game-winner in OT. For as good as the defense played in the second half, when the team needed them to make stops on the final three possessions, the Jets scored two of those three times, for ten points. Without Ty Warren, Adalius Thomas, and Rodney Harrison, three of the defense’s most important players, the Patriots held the Jets to just 24 points, seven of that coming in the second half. They were led by the play of Jerod Mayo, who was all over the field and seemed to make every play. Mayo led the Patriots with 20 tackles. But, the Patriots seemingly couldn’t cover Keller, and gave-up big plays to Leon Washington. For the most part Patriot corners, Ellis Hobbs and Delta O’ Neal played pretty well, Hobbs let up one big play to Jerricho Cotchery, and the corners held both Cothchery and Coles to ten catches for 125 yards. But, Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather seemed to have his toughest night as he could no stay with Keller, and when he still had a chance to stop him about a foot short of the first down, Meriweather couldn’t make the tackle. Nor could any of the linebackers cover Keller as well, but rookie Gary Guyton played an excellent role as well. The injuries just might be a bit too much for them to take right now. The Brett Favre everyone expected to see didn’t show up, he was 26 of 33 for 258 yards and two TD’s. The Jets seemed to have a safe, conservative gameplan, not allowing Favre to play the reckless approach he loves to play. The Jets win overshadowed the stellar play of Matt Cassel, who is quickly on his way to earning a huge pay increase. Cassel’s play the entire second-half cannot be forgotten, it seems on a week-in, week-out basis Cassel is make huge strides. Is it possible he is one of the top 15 quarterbacks in the league now ? The Jets will look at this as a huge win, when in reality it still shows how far apart they are from the Patriots. The only key player the Jets were missing was linebacker David Harris, while Patriots are missing a plethora of starters. For a team that spent over $140 Million dollars in free-agency this offseason, they still aren’t as good as New England.

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