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Miami Dolphins Save Courtney Bryan From A Life’s Work At Arby’s

Posted by Mike on November 13, 2008

Bengals Dolphins Football

After the Miami Dolphins cut him in September, Courtney Bryan wanted to finish his degree at New Mexico State, but he didn’t register for classes in time, so Bryan decided he needed a job. He found that dream job of his, working the night shift at America’s favorite fast food restaurant that specialize in roast beef. No, he wasn’t performing oral sex on Paris Hilton, Bryan was working at Arby’s. Which may I add has the best curly fries out of any fast-food chain. But, just this week according to the Sun-Sentinel, he re-signed with the Dolphins to help out on Special Teams. Maybe now he can affordto eat at the Sizzler. More from the Sun-Sentinel:

DAVIE – Here’s the best way to explain safety Courtney Bryan’s post- NFL life after the Dolphins cut him in September: lost in transition.

The five NFL teams that worked him out weren’t biting because he had played too much to be stashed on a practice squad. Bryan couldn’t get registered at New Mexico State in time to finish his degree.

He eventually found a job at Arby’s working the night shift.

“Yes, Arby’s!” said Bryan, who is 11 credits shy of receiving his bachelors degree. “It’s hard out there. We’re in a recession


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