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Keyshawn Won’t Be Decorating Sapp’s House Anytime Soon

Posted by Mike on November 13, 2008


Who would guess that perhaps the two biggest loudmouths in the NFL in the past 10 years, who both happened to be teammates didn’t like each other ? I for one thought these two got along like Sonny and Cher. But apparently not. Warren Sapp was asked a few questions in a recent interview, most had to do with his supposed diva attitude on DWTS, for you people who live in a barn, that is Dancing with The Stars, but then Sapp was asked a question about former teammate Keyshawn Johnson’s new show on A&E, about how Key is doing interior design; Here is what the big lug had to say via Newsday:

(On whether he would ever watch Keyshawn Johnson’s reality show about interior design)

SAPP: Me, watch Keyshawn on an interior decorating show? Keyshawn, I knew you were a bitch. And thanks for making it all clear.


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