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Will The Patriots Sign Justin Miller Out Of Spite ?

Posted by Mike on November 12, 2008


With the New York Jets signing former New England Patriot Ty Law on Monday, they had to release cornerback/kick returner extraordinaire Justin Miller. Miller, a former second-round pick has been used primarily on kick returns and can play some cornerback if needed. He has been a Pro Bowl returner, but his skills as a corner have been lacking since he entered the league. Now the Patriots don’t really have a need for a kick-returner since Ellis Hobbs leads the NFL in it, but would the Patriots sign Miller to help Hobbs stay healthy, add depth at corner, and spite the Jets ? Quite possibly. The move may be more about spite than anything else. As Ron Borges points out in his column today, “The Pats may never release those cardboard boxes full of Eric Mangini’s personal affects they’re holding hostage in the cellar now. If Mangini wants his stuff he better bring his boys and storm the place”. Some people belive that the Jets signed Ty Law out of spite as well, because they knew the Patriots had some interest in him. The pissing match could very well continue, when the Patriots sign Miller. Although, since they don’t see the Jets the rest of the season, there might not be any benefit to signing Miller other than to prolong the health of Hobbs. One other point, if the Patriots weren’t playing the Jets this week, would Adalius Thomas already be on I.R. ?


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