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Should The Patriots Sign Rosevelt Colvin ?

Posted by Mike on November 12, 2008


The hits keep coming for the New England Patriots, first it was Tom Brady, then it was Rodney Harrison and Laurence Maroney, and now its Adalius Thomas. The Patriots outside linebacker was having his best season as a Patriots; he was leading the team with five sacks as he returned this season to his more natural outside position, as opposed to the inside he was playing last year. The loss of Thomas leaves a giant void for the Patriots. They don’t have anyone other than Mike Vrabel who can be a good pass-rusher from the outside. Most likely Pierre Woods will assume Thomas’s outside position with Gary Guyton playing a little bit as well. Neither of the two is really a pass-rusher (Guyton is extremely quick; he remains a possibility as outside rusher) and both lack the experience that coach Bill Belichick desires. But, there is one person out there who could possibly fill the void and is familiar with the Patriots system: Rosevelt Colvin . Coming off a broken foot, Colvin was cut due to a high salary cap figure, and later signed with the Houston Texans and was cut right before training camp broke. However, he could be an effective third-down pass-rusher that the Patriots desperately need right now. You could have Woods play on first and second down and then when its time to rush the passer put Colvin in. Rushing the passer is what Colvin does best. He has a career 52.5 sacks (26.5 of those with the Patriots) and just might be the only suitable replacement for Thomas. Other thoughts have been re-signing Junior Seau and moving Jerod Mayo to the outside, which makes very little sense, since Mayo has been carrying Tedy Bruschi all season. One other thought is the Patriots may just sign Vincent Redd off the practice squad and could move to more of a 4-3 look.


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