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Sean Avery Is Liked In NHL Locker Rooms About As Much As Jock Itch

Posted by Mike on November 12, 2008


If current Dallas Stars forward Sean Avery played any sport other than hockey, he just might be the most hated man in all of professional sports. There have been all sorts of stories about Avery being a douche, to him possibly sleeping with teammates wives, to being a jerk to everybody, including teammates, oh and he liked to play with dolls as a child and he recently interned for Vogue. Point blank, quite possibly every NHLer strongly dislikes Avery. Recent LA Kings captain Dustin Brown shares another Avery tale with the LA Times:

“I’m one of those people that once I’m comfortable and get to know a person, I open up,” Brown said. “Hockey was the easy part, but fitting in socially with an older team was hard.”

Add Sean Avery, who often selected Brown to ridicule. Brown has had a slight lisp since childhood. “I can talk without it,” he said, “but I have to really think about it. When I try to think about it, I feel uncomfortable.”

It was something that Brown said was unimportant, but Avery would mock his speech, among other things. The friction in the room resulted in fist fights, with other Kings players jumping in on Brown’s side.

Avery, whom the Kings shipped to the New York Rangers in 2006, returns to Staples Center tonight, playing for the Dallas Stars now. Brown, sounding very much like a leader, shrugged it off, saying, “It’s a non-issue. We faced him when we played the Rangers last year. Besides, I think there are only four or five guys left from when he was here.”


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